First blog post

My life has been one filled with countless blessings.  There have been so many things I’ve wanted; yet God, in his infinite wisdom, has always given me exactly what I needed.  One of those gifts has been my knack for “putting things into words”; and then, with my love of penmanship, being able to write them down on paper in a manner in which they’ve been easily communicated to others.  But not only the words themselves, the feelings and emotions that my words evoke in others.

In some cases, I have hoped that my written words might assist others in their own emotional journeys.  Grieving for example, can be a very lonely journey upon which one might experience a struggle to express that which weighs most heavily upon his heart.  Sometimes, in reading others notes made along their individual journeys through grief, one is able to express and then come to grips with one’s own pent-up sorrow.

Oftentimes we might take for granted those special moments of inexplicable joy.  If we’ve never known sorrow, by what frame of reference would we measure, or even recognize joy?  To share in another’s joy through the written word, can, indeed, inspire feelings of joy within one’s own heart.

It has always been my hope, that perhaps some of my writings might be found in some small way helpful to my readers; and, if not, at least enjoyable to experience.

With warmest regards to you, Dear Reader,

~JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund, LADC-ABCDT


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