*Ms. Fredlund is located in Lakeville, MN. She can be     reached at: (952) 288-6643 to arrange dog training  sessions!

WWW.JEANIECOOKEFREDLUND.COM is about the books Ms. Fredlund has authored as of the year 2017. There is a separate post on this website for each of Ms. Fredlund’s books.  This particular page/post is about her first published book, BAD RAP . . .

BAD RAP-Front Cover

BAD RAP, The Truth About the Tragically Misunderstood Pit Bull by JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund

BAD RAP not only provides a bird’s eye view into Pit Bull traits, but provides top quality
advice for the new and the current Pit Bull owner (as well as for anyone interested in gathering information) on the American Staffordshire Terrier and all other Bullie breeds (better known as the Pit Bull)
In addition to this, once having read this book, you will possess:
• A truthful and reliable reference point that the general public can safely
utilize to determine safety concerns regarding exposure to the American
Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull);
• Critical keys to what makes a happy dog, thus a happy dog owner;
• The reasons why some Pit Bulls have attacked;
• Tried and true methods to ensure that your Pit Bull is able to serve as a Good Will      Ambassador to the general public;
• Solid, experienced safety methods for the Pit Bull owner to keep his furry family member safe from the badly mistaken perceptions of the general public;
• Personalized quiz to assist in dog ownership decision-making;
• Solid training methods for this (and other) dogs that really work;
• A chance encounter with “Dazie, The Pit Bull”.

We hope you’ll also take time to come visit  at www.PittyCityDogBlog.com, which has garnered in-excess of 1,000 positive, enthusiastic comments as well as countless requests for more information about these amazing dogs.

Jeanie has been an avid dog lover for as far back as she can remember.  Her love for dogs began with her Collie, Lady, when she was just a toddler. As an adult, she has owned many different breeds. Ms. Fredlund has had great success training her dogs, and advising others how to train their dogs as well.  She has since become a Certified Animal Behaviorist and can be reached at her business telephone number of 952-288-6643 to arrange an appointment to begin training sessions.
It was ten years ago that Jeanie experienced her first personal contact with a Pit Bull (American Staffordshire Terrier). She was neither excited nor happy about this chance meeting. She’d been actively “Anti-Pit Bull” and had, in fact, been in support of permanent eradication of Pit Bulls and all other Bullie breeds!

Then she met Dazie, and her life was to be forever changed.


Ms. Fredlund is located in Lakeville, MN and can be reached at: (952) 288-6643 to arrange dog training sessions.


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