BAD RAP not only provides a bird’s eye view into Pit Bull traits, but provides top quality advice for the new and the current Pit Bull owner; as well as for anyone interested in gathering information about the American Staffordshire Terrier (and all other Bullie breeds) – better known as The Pit Bull.

In addition to this, once having read this book, you will possess:

  • A truthful, reliable reference point that the general public can safely utilize to determine  safety concerns regarding exposure to the American Staffordshire Terrier, and all other Bullie breeds);
  • Critical keys to what makes a happy dog; thus, a happy dog owner;
  • The reasons why some Pit Bulls have attacked;
  • Tried and true methods to ensure that your Pit Bull is able to serve as a Good Will Ambassador to the general public;
  • Solid, experienced safety methods for the Pit Bull owner to keep his furry family member safe from the badly mistaken misperceptions of the general public;
  • Personalized quiz to assist in dog ownership decision-making;
  • Solid training methods for this (and other) dogs that really work;
  • A chance encounter with “Dazie, The Pit Bull”.

We hope you’ll also take time to come visit our website at; which has garnered in-excess of 1,000 positive, enthusiastic comments and requests for more information!



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