44fa8dda-3b9d-481c-8a4a-c7d6c82ea1d0 ALCOHOLISM, YOU CAN STOP ON YOUR OWN by JC “Jeanie” Cooke-Fredlund

When loved ones and friends begin expressing concern about our behavior when we’ve been drinking, we might become angry and defensive.  Inwardly though, our anxiety level may hit the ceiling and feelings of panic may set in.  The scenario that triggers this reaction may not be other’s concern, but may result from our waking in the morning and being unable to recall anything from our bender the night before.  Again, panic may set in.  The scenario for some has been even worse . . . some have even awakened in jail and been unable to recall anything from the night before only to be told that they caused a serious auto accident and the victim of the accident may or may not live.  If any of these maladies have occurred for you or for someone you care about, this book is one that you cannot afford not to read . . .


Ms. Fredlund is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor who began her career in 1978 when she volunteered at the St. Peter State Hospital in Minnesota, counseling clients who had recently completed the alcohol and other drug program there.  She relocated that year to Minneapolis, MN where she completed the two year Chemical Dependency Specialist Program at The Minneapolis Community College (at that time, the Metropolitan Community College) and went on to The Metropolitan State University.  She completed a nine month internship at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and went on to work as a counselor at The Bridge for Runaway Youth in Minneapolis, MN.  Ms. Fredlund herself is in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Ms. Fredlund joined the staff at Lutheran Deaconess Hospital from 1979 through 1981 and also worked as a Drug Prevention Youth Educator for the Catholic Church and School of St. Alphonsus in Brooklyn Center on a part time basis.

She was on staff at Riverplace Counseling Services in Anoka and Elk River, MN and in 1993 accepted a position with the Burnsville, MN Safe Streets First Program where she worked in conjunction with County Case Managers to rehabilitate DWI Offenders.

Ms. Fredlund was hired by the Minnesota State Department of Corrections in 1995 as a Corrections Program Therapist where she also participated in the authoring of the New Directions Workbook Series for Offenders, and in 2003 transferred to the Minnesota State Department of Human Services.

In 2006, Ms. Fredlund relocated to Big Lake, MN where she began her employment as a supervisor of counselors at Central Minnesota Mental Health Center of Monticello, MN.

She later met her [now] husband, married and relocated to Lakeville, Minnesota where she was on-staff at the Health Recovery Center of Minneapolis, MN until her retirement.

Ms. Fredlund has spent thirty years of her career life guiding patients suffering from the emotional hell of alcoholism along their journeys to their eventual freedom of recovery.

Why such devotion to the ruthless slave-master of addiction?  “I asked myself long after my own father’s death from this horrible disease, ‘what one thought will I need in order to comfort myself when I one day reach my own deathbed?’  . . . . . . . I will need to be able to remind myself that I did everything in my power to help my fellow-addiction-sufferer.”

(This e-book can be found online at Amazon.com)


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